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2014-2015 Travel Teams

U-15 99/00 Boys MOSA Ruckus John Brzyski
U-14 00/01 Boys MOSA Hurricanes Len Bardsley
U-14 00/01 Girls EDP Barracudas Wendi Yocum
U-14 00/01 Girls MOSA Gold Dave Moran
U-13 01/02 Girls MOSA Pride Colin Sabia
U-13 01/02 Boys MOSA Patriots Joe Hanney
U-12 02/03 Boys MOSA Sharks Gail Fitzsimmons
U-12 02/03 Girls JAGS Aloha Warriors Darryl Monticello
U-12 02/03 Girls MOSA Storm Surfers Peter Kopack
U-11 03/04 Boys MAPS Rangers Adam Curtis
U-10 04/05 Girls MOSA Galaxy Mark Byrne
U-10 04/05 Boys MOSA Ajax Steve Corso
U-10 04/05 Boys MAPS Ajax Elite Steve Corso
U-9 05/06 Boys MOSA Makos Sam Gough
U-9 05/06 Girls MOSA DoubleStuff Toby Noding
U-9 05/06 Boys MOSA United Cory Cole
U-9 05/06 Boys MOSA Predators Philip Silva
U-8 06/07 Boys MOSA  Koa Tribe Jason Silva
U-8 06/07 Boys MOSA Tidal Waves Eric Ballou
U-8 06/07 Girls OCR GrassRoots  Dan Miles



EDP: Eastern Development Program – Elite League

JAGS: Jersey Area Girls Soccer – Elite League

MAPS: Mid-Atlantic Premier Soccer – Elite League

MOSA: Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association

OCL: Ocean County League (Recreational Travel)


6 Responses to “2014-2015 Travel Teams”

  • Renee:

    My daughter attends Bay Head school could she try out for one of your Elite or MOSA teams or does she have to live in Point Pleasant? If not, how would I know when the next try outs out would be? She will be 10 years old her birthday is January 22, 2005.


  • kbergen:

    No, you do not have to be a Point Pleasant resident. I can put you in touch with the coach, if you are still interested in playing?

  • Renee:

    Yes we are still interested in playing, please provide the coach information. Thank you 908 415 5385

  • kbergen:

    I sent the coach your contact information. The coaches name is Mark.

  • alex:

    Hi, my son Christopher DOB 12/7/2003 very interested in playing on a team this spring. Any tryouts or need for player? My email is thanks for any information

  • kbergen:

    I sent your contact information to the coach. He should be getting in touch with you.

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