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2015-2016 Travel Teams

U-16 99/00 Boys MOSA Ruckus John Brzyski
U-15 00/01 Boys MOSA Hurricanes Len Bardsley
U-14 01/02 Girls MOSA Pride Colin Sabia
U-14 01/02 Boys MOSA Patriots Joe Hanney
U-13 02/03 Boys MOSA Sharks Gail Fitzsimmons
U-13 02/03 Girls JAGS Warriors Select Darryl Monticello
U-13 02/03 Girls MOSA Storm Surfers Frank Finn
U-12 2005 Boys MOSA TBD Craig Wood
U-11 04/05 Girls MOSA Galaxy Mark Byrne
U-11 04/05 Boys MOSA Ajax Steve Corso
U-11 04/05 Boys MAPS Ajax Elite Steve Corso
U-10 05/06 Boys MOSA Makos Sam Gough
U-10 05/06 Girls MOSA Waves Amy Peabody
U-10 05/06 Boys MOSA United Cory Cole
U-10 05/06 Girls MOSA Tsunami Cindy Harrison
U-10 05/06 Boys MOSA Predators Philip Silva
U-10 05/06 Boys MOSA Storm Cindy Harrison
U-9 06/07 Boys MOSA  Koa Tribe Jason Silva
U-9 06/07 Boys MOSA Tidal Waves Colin Sabia
U-9 06/07 Boys MOSA Strikers Tom Brennan
U-8 07/08 Boys MOSA Vikings Valerie Ryan
U-8 07/08 Girls OCR Dolphins Andrea Schatzman
U-7 08/09 Boys OCR Real Kahunas JimCook





EDP: Eastern Development Program – Elite League

JAGS: Jersey Area Girls Soccer – Elite League

MAPS: Mid-Atlantic Premier Soccer – Elite League

MOSA: Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association

OCL: Ocean County League (Recreational Travel)


Coaches Mandatory Head Concussion Course

All coaches are REQUIRED to take an on-line Head Concussion Class in order to coach.  This has come from the state, not the club.  If you do not complete this on-line course and print out the certificate, you will not receive your coach’s pass.  Please click here to take the course.   If you have any questions about the background check, please contact the club registrar, Kurt Bergen.

MOSA Scrimmage Info

MOSA has put out information for teams to have scrimmages. If you are looking to have a scrimmage, please click here for more information.


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